Wedding Rings

Congratulations on your engagement. As you begin to plan the many details of your wedding day, don’t forget the rings! Shopping for wedding bands is a wonderful experience you can share together.

Matching Wedding Bands
The first decision to consider is whether you want your wedding rings to match. Traditional, matching wedding bands have a timeless, understated elegance to them. The comfort fit is the most popular of the bands and is perfect for men who’ll be wearing a ring for the first time.

The thinnest bands start at 2mm and can go up to 8mm in width. The bride may opt for a thin, 4 mm comfort fit band, while the groom selects the same comfort fit style in a larger, 7.5mm size. Should you decide on matching rings, consider the metal. Rings come in Platinum and Gold, both 14K and 18K. For the bride, you will want to match the wedding ring metal to that of the engagement ring. For the groom you can match the style, but choose a color that works with your personal aesthetic.

Individual Styles
Today, it is perfectly acceptable for the bride and groom to wear different styles of wedding rings to express their individuality. The bride may want to add to the sparkle of her engagement ring with more diamonds.

Bridal sets are designed specifically for the engagement and wedding rings to look and fit perfectly together. The size and shape of the diamond stones are similar in scale.

The bride may choose for diamond band that complements the center stone of her engagement ring rather than providing an exact match. This creates an individual look. If you’re drawn to this look, you’ll have many options of beautiful semi-eternity rings and eternity bands.