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Engagement Ring Settings

Three popular categories of ring settings include the classic solitaire, a fancy setting with sidestones and a matching bridal set. When you choose the ring setting that the diamond will be mounted in, remember to consider the wedding band and how it will look with the engagement ring.


The simplicity of the solitaire setting makes it a timeless and classic choice. A solitaire setting with four prongs allows the most light to enter the diamond from all angles, maximizing its brilliance. Six prongs shows slightly less diamond, but provide slightly more security in holding the stone.

Fancy Ring

A fancy setting with diamond sidestones adds an extra sparkle to your ring, complementing your center stone. The sidestones are set evenly with the band in a channel setting, bar setting or with prongs.

Bridal Rings

A bridal setting is comprised of an engagement ring setting and a matching wedding ring to create a perfect fit and uniform look. Bridal sets come in classic solitaire settings or include diamonds. This also allows men to be more creative and personal in their own choice of a wedding band.