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Diamond Certification

Loose diamonds from are graded by the world’s most respected grading entities: the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or AGS (American Gemological Society Laboratories). These institutes are revered for their consistency, stringency, and impartiality when grading diamonds. Each of our loose diamonds is accompanied by a grading report that includes a detailed order Allgera online explanation of the diamond’s characteristics, including the number of carats, the diamond’s color, its clarity, cut, and dimensions.

A certified diamond’s quality is guaranteed, and this makes it more valuable than an uncertified stone. The certificate verifies a diamond’s identity and value, and it will be recognized by all gemologists. Below are examples of GIA Grading Reports.

GIA Grading Reports

Type 01

GIA Type 1

Type 02

GIA Type 2

Type 03

GIA Type 3