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Diamond Necklaces and Pendants

Women who favor necklaces, love the way they drape against their collarbone and accessorize their outfits. They love the touch of it and the ceremony of putting it on and taking it off with the help of a special someone.

Diamond Pendants
Diamond pendants are distinguished from other diamond necklaces by a dangling piece of jewelry attached to a chain.

The most classic of pendants is the round diamond solitaire. The two popular shapes are the brilliant, round shaped diamonds and princess cut diamonds. Pendants are often purchased to match a pair of classic stud earrings – both in diamond shape, setting style and metal.

At, we offer diamond pendants in the classic shapes as well as fancy shapes and natural colors. Visit Design Your Pendant to create a unique and special look.

Beyond the classic solitaire, diamond pendants come in many styles – geometric, floral, heart, initials, and religious – to create a personalized gift. Heart jewelry bring with it a message of love and is perfect for any special occasion. A pendant with her initial is a favorite gift for birthdays. Floral and geometric pendants tell her you know her style.

Diamond Necklaces
Quality diamonds on a stunning necklace frame a women’s beautiful face with shimmering light. The most classic is the tennis necklace which is a row of similarly shaped and sized diamonds set in metal. It is often purchased to match a tennis bracelet.

Diamond necklaces can range from the delicate and chic tennis necklace to dramatic designs from The Vault. A diamond necklace is the perfect beauty accessory for a special evening out – at the theater, ballet, opera or dinner party. For a sensual look, diamond necklaces are best worn against the skin, bringing attention to a beautiful collarbone, neck and décolleté.