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Diamond Bracelets

A row of shimmering diamonds encircling a wrist is very alluring, and adds grace and style to a woman’s every movement. Each flick of the wrist becomes a charming and attention grabbing motion.

Bracelets also offer great versatility. Women can wear a single bracelet or layer it with other styles and materials to create a dramatic and uniquely personal look.

Diamond Tennis Bracelets
Diamond tennis bracelets join diamond stud earrings, diamond solitaire pendants and diamond tennis necklaces in the category of timeless classics.

Tennis bracelets are simple in design and yet, the essence of elegance when lightly adorned on the wrist. This style of bracelet was a favorite of tennis champion, Chris Evert and sparked a trend after the 1987 U.S. Open.

In its simplest and most elegant form, a tennis bracelet is a row of similarly sized and shaped diamonds set in either gold or platinum. As with diamond hoop earrings, they transition beautifully from day to evening, from sophisticated casual to elegance.

Diamond Bangles
A diamond bangle is a narrow and rigid circle of gold, silver or platinum metal accented with diamonds that appear to float on a woman’s wrist. While a diamond bangle can be worn on its own, it’s are usually worn stacked with other bangles to create Provigil without prescription a young, fashionable look. Diamond bangles may be matched with solid metal bangles or other gemstones. A bangle may also be designed as solid circle for a hand to slip through, or it may come hinged for easy wear.

Diamond Cuffs
The current trend for bracelets is a big look, which can be achieved through stacked bangles or a single, wide cuff. Cuffs have been traditionally designed using silver and gold to create a bold bracelet and adding diamonds as accents. Designers are increasingly experimenting with different metals and organic materials to create a unique style.