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Anniversary Rings

The most special diamond, after an engagement ring, is the anniversary ring. This gift says to a woman that you love her as much today as the day you proposed, and that you would marry her all over again.

Eternity Rings
An eternity ring is set with similarly sized and shaped diamonds all around the ring’s circumference. It is a dazzling choice for an anniversary gift and looks spectacular with any engagement ring.

When purchasing a full eternity ring, it is important to know the correct ring size as it will determine the number of diamonds in the ring.

Semi-Eternity Rings
The semi-eternity band is the similar in design to the eternity band. It is set with diamonds that cover only the most visible half of the ring. The benefit of a semi-eternity ring over a full eternity ring is in its price, the ability to resize the ring, and the lightness of wear.

Three-Stone Rings
The three-stone ring is particularly charming because of its symbolism and makes for a very romantic gift. There is one stone set for your past, one for your present, and one symbolizing your future together.