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Choose the Perfect Gift

Gift giving is a joy and an art.

There is no greater feeling than the moment when a loved one opens that perfect gift and a feeling of true connectedness and joy is shared. While our world continues to race ahead with technological advancements, we are still the same in our hearts, and watershed moments – whether a special milestone or personal achievement – instill a feeling of tradition and ceremony. It is a skill to find a gift that tells a woman you are proud of her, that you love her, and that most importantly, you know her well.

Special occasions – a milestone birthday, graduation, wedding, anniversary, and Mother’s Day – have traditionally been observed with a gift of fine jewelry. From young adulthood and throughout her life, a woman will always treasure the pieces that came from family and loved ones on the days that mattered to her most. Jewelry is a link to our past, as our grandmothers and mothers hand down their most admired pieces to us, and it is a symbol of our future, as we dream of the day when we pass our favorite pieces to our own children. Nothing expresses the magic of love and tradition like fine jewelry.

When choosing fine diamond jewelry, consider the occasion, her preference for jewelry types, her personal style, and what she currently has in her jewelry box. Classic jewelry such as diamond stud earrings, a solitaire pendant and a tennis bracelet are beautiful choices for any occasion. If a woman already has these primary pieces, then choosing the right look can be an exciting exploration of style and artistry.